Welcome to WellspaceMD

An Oakville clinic with a vision to create a “wellspace,” that fosters wellness with a kind, accountable, comprehensive health care approach.

A Team That Always Goes Above & Beyond

Our vision is to create an environment that is responsive to meet our patient’s medical, social and emotional needs.

This "Wellspace"

We hope to extend beyond our physical doors to encompass the mind, body and spirit of our patients and their families.

Our Services


Using cryotherapy, we can treat irritating and pre-cancerous skin lesions.


Our center has the ability to diagnose patients with skin warnings and help treat possible skin conditions and diseases.


We can monitor lung conditions and diagnose asthma and other conditions that affect breathing.


Involves treatments and trainings to ensure a healthy prepregnancy and maintains the health of the mother and baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is WellspaceMD Family Practice and Walk In Clinic open during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Yes! Our family and walk-in physicians are offering direct in person, virtual video and telephone visists for our patients.
What measures is WellspaceMD taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?
We have implemented several strategies to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Here at Wellspace MD, all patients are actively screened by phone or email for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their arrival. We also regulary clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces in our exam rooms and common spaces. Furthermore, we screen our own staff for COVID-19 symptoms on a daily basis and we ask that they wear appropriate PPE in patient exposed areas.

Are there any physicians at WellspaceMD actively accepting patients?
We may be accepting new patients. Please call our office to inquire or visit us at 3075 Hospital Gate.
What forms of payment does WellspaceMD accept for non-insured services?
Cash or email money transfer only.
How does a patient obtain their medical records?
A patent may request their own records at any time by direct request. If you require your records to be transferred to a third party then we require a signed consent to release medical information.

Come Visit Us

We the team at Wellspace MD are delighted to have you visit us at our new office space in the North Medical Building on the campus of the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.